Command-Line Interface

The command-line interface is a quick and easy way to interact with a device.

Session Arguments
Arguments for specifying how to connect to a device
Arguments for specifying actions to perform on a device


Before getting into the various command-line arguments, it’s important to understand the general format for commands.

# The typical format of a tiflash command is of the following:
tiflash [session arguments] <command> [command arguments]

Command for invoking the command-line tool.

session arguments:

These are the arguments provided to specify which device to connect to and how to connect to it. At the very least you’ll need to provide the device’s serial number.

See Session Arguments for a complete list of session arguments.


This is the command or action to perform on the device.

See Commands for a complete list of commands.

command arguments:

These arguments are specific to each command. To see all possible options you can run the command with the -h help option.

You can view each command’s specific arguments here Commands.