Session Arguments


**session_args are a set of keyword arguments (**kwargs) that specify how to connect to a device when running a command.

Each argument can be provided in any function that takes **session_args as a parameter. Just provide the particular argument(s) in the function call as a keyword argument:

# Example of providing session args: 'serno' and 'ccs'
function_name(serno="LXXXXXX", ccs="7")
Name Type Description Default
serno str serial number of device  
devicetype str full devicetype name  
ccs str full path to ccs installation or version number latest
chip str cpu/chip of device to connect to first chip found for device
connection str full name of connection to use default connection for device
ccxml str full path to ccxml file to use  
fresh boolean force a new ccxml file to be created and used False
debug boolean output debug information when running False
timeout int amount of time (seconds) for tiflash to execute 60


Name Tips
devicetype you can see a list of devicetypes with the get_devicetypes() function
chip you can see a list of chips/cpus with the get_cpus() function
connection you can see a list of connections with the get_connections() function
ccxml providing an existing ccxml file to use will eliminate any requirement of providing a serno, devicetype, and/or connection type


At the very minimum you’ll need to provide the device’s serial number (serno) or devicetype.

TIFlash will try to determine the rest of the information from there. If a piece of information cannot be determined, an error will be raised and you’ll need to provide this information as a session argument.